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Compare A Quote was founded in 2017 by James Ortega.  Wondering why was it so difficult to find an unbiased quote for Insurance.  So much work finding Auto, Homeowners, Business insurance.  Independent minded customers must have access to better services. So tailoring an insurance website that favors customers instead of the insurance companies was our goal.

Our driving force is the recognition that each family, business and customer’ needs varied dramatically, often with more than one type of policy. This is a very complex maze that can be very confusing to most and difficult to understand the real value of a given policy.

Compare and Save

The question was consistently asked, “If the coverage’s are the same, why the price difference” and “what is the difference between Allstate, Geico and State Farm, those companies stand alone, they sell insurance.  Independent Agencies buy insurance.  If you don’t like one carrier, you can select from many others. This also means an agency with one carrier can only sell you their products.  This often does not work well for the new internet savvy customer.  So, CompareAquote.com tailors our service to our customer’s needs. Customer the edge by leveraging all of their needs with a menu of products from many insurance companies.  CompareAquote.com forces them to compete for your business on one platform. We maximizing your coverage and discounts.  Insurance in its simplest form is a promise to stand-up for you when bad things happen.

With hundreds of partners, we use databases that comprehensively look for the best match for our customer. That is difference between going to other insurance companies or brokers and getting a specialist help you at Compare A Quote. At Compare A Quote, you get experts that have no bias to push you towards any one insurance carrier. We simply find you the best insurance to fits your needs.

CompareAQuote.com is a great service for sophisticated, tech savvy customers.  We know when you insure something, you are protecting your family and their assets.  Cheap insurance isn’t always the best way to go and we will help you decide.  With CompareAquote.com we compare apples with apples- all on our platform. At Compare A Quote, you get the real answers about exactly what your coverage means and how it benefits you. Our experts can help find the lowest cost and but the best value that fits your needs.

Don’t be fooled by ads for cheap insurance- Call the experts  at Compare A Quote !