About Compare A Quote

Unbiased Insurance Experts

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Compare A Quote was started by two founders that have worked in the insurance industry that saw a need for a service that helped customers to better understand the maze of insurance options and help get a better value out of their protection investments. The partners saw this need for an independent brokerage company that could give a better service by tailoring an insurance company so that it favored the customer instead of the insurance companies.

One the the driving factors of this new company was the recognition that our customers needs and priorities varied dramatically from customer to customer and often included more than one type of insurance policy. This is a very complex maze that can be very confusing to the customer as it is often difficult to understand the value of a given policy compared to another. This also means that a one stop shop often does not work well for the customer, and even the best intentioned insurance companies and their brokers can fall short with giving the customer the best possible options. So, a company was formed that would tailor its service entirely to the customer’s needs and give the customer an edge by leveraging all of their insurance needs with one or more companies to maximize both the quality of their coverage and their discount.

With hundreds of partners nationwide, we use databases that comprehensively scour the industry for the best match for our customer’s particular needs. That is difference between going to other insurance companies or brokers and getting a specialist help you at Compare A Quote. At Compare A Quote, you get experts that have no bias to push you towards any one insurance carrier. We simply find you the best insurance that fits your needs.

Compare A Quote truly is a great service for the sophisticated customer that knows that when they insure something, they are protecting their family and their assets. You really do get what you pay for, and the cheapest insurance isn’t always the best way to go. People are often startled by finding the limits of cheap insurance after the fact. With insurance, it is very important to know you are comparing apples with apples- at the time you are purchasing the policy. At Compare A Quote, you get the real answers about exactly what your coverage means with any insurance company- and experts to help you find which ones are not only the lowest cost, but the best value that fits your needs the best. Don’t be fooled by ads for cheap insurance- Call the experts at Compare A Quote !