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About Us

About Us

Compare A Quote LLC is a full-service independent agency Headquartered in Florida and licensed in six states. We provide insurance services in

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We are a digital insurance agency obsessed with making insurance effortless. You want to provide as much of your insurance experience online to wipe out as much paperwork as possible. Our team of driven Agents, customer service representatives and tech developers attempt to improve every aspect of purchasing and maintaining your insurance policy.
We offer customized quotes, instant policy, and quick claim settlement to make insurance buying a seamless and convenient process. Do not worry; we will be expanding to additional states as interest grows.
It is essential to understand who we are not; We are not high-pressure sales agents attempting to sell you the cheapest insurance policy on the market just to earn a commission.

Our Priorities

Your Privacy: We will never call customers without your permission to contact you.
Quote: 10 quotes in 10 minutes from 10 insurance carriers.
Support: Providing a 24 hours online payment center and all of the information we can find about the insurance industry, along with the most extensive insurance glossary in the business.
Claims: Provide direct access to insurance carriers for claims. If you desire, a customer service representative will hold your hand throughout the claims process.
Vision: Our vision is to reform an insurance Carrier-centric process to a customer-centric experience. Our goal is to provide 10 quotes in 10 minutes for auto and renters insurance. Our customized solutions are based on the inputs provided by our customers and give the best possible product that fits your needs.

Compare A Quote represents over 50 insurance carriers to provide our policyholders the most significant number of options

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