Auto Insurance

picture of a front of car dented after accident

Auto Owner’s Insurance

If you own a car, truck, motorcycle, or recreational vehicle you must carry adequate insurance to protect your investment and yourself in the event your vehicle is stolen or involved in an accident. Whether or not your vehicle is financed, it is never a good idea to leave it, and yourself, vulnerable to financial loss. Let the people at Compare Insurance Quality help you find the perfect policy for you. Call us and we will use our access to hundreds of auto owner’s insurance companies to find the policy that exactly fits your needs.

Many states require that drivers carry a minimum of liability insurance, although some states do not. Even if your state does not have any requirement for liability insurance, you, as a driver, are still responsible for any accident that your vehicle in involved in, whether or not you were driving at the time. If your vehicle is stolen you face financial loss and maybe even the inability to replace it. It just never makes sense to drive, or even park or store your vehicle without having it insured. I once knew a young woman whose father gave her a new car that was totally paid off. She chose not to insure her car, thinking that was not reason to since she did not owe anything on it. This was wrongheaded for several reasons, not the least of which was that she lived in a state with mandatory minimum auto insurance requirements. She certainly had no business being on the road and running the risk of being in an accident where she or another person might be injured or even killed. In a word, it could have ruined her life due to legal bills she would be responsible for. As it turned out, her car was stolen about a week after she got it from her father. No insurance, no car. Luckily, a week after this, her car was recovered due to the fact that the thief was a local kid seeing an opportunity for a bit of “fun”. She was lucky and she learned first hand the value of carrying auto insurance. She turned to the independent agents at Compare Insurance Quality to find the perfect auto owner’s insurance policy at an affordable price. Unless you are driving a car with little value that can be replaced easily, you should never carry only the minimum liability insurance on your vehicle. It is also important to carry collision and even comprehensive insurance. The Insurance Information Institute recommends that you carry $100,000 per person medical, and $300,000 per accident or, 100/300 insurance on all your vehicles. Check out their site here for information and recommendations on auto owner’s insurance, or simply call us at Compare Insurance Quality!

Auto Insurance Liability

Automobile liability insurance is the insurance that pays when we cause damage to others. This can take the form of bodily injury, loss of life, or property damage. Whether or not the state you live in requires it, or whether the state you live in has low liability minimum requirements, it is still you responsibility under the law to be financially responsible if your vehicle is involved in an incident where others are harmed. When we think of car insurance comparison we tend to only think of quotes for the cost of the policy, but what about comparing the limits of liability that we should look for in a policy? What could it mean if you carried only a minimum amount of liability insurance and you caused damage to another with your vehicle? It would most certainly put your assets at risk and could result in costly court battles and lawyers fees. Compare Insurance Quality brokers will analyze your needs and make sure to recommend that you carry the right amount of liability insurance. This could even extend to the addition of an umbrella policy in addition to your auto policy, homeowner’s policy, and any other assets that you insure.

Since everyone’s needs for auto insurance quotes are different, and since it is important to determine auto insurance quote comparisons, Compare Insurance Quality makes it easy for you to get the best possible price and quality on auto insurance tailored just for you. Contact Compare Insurance Quality or call us for a quote today.