Tips for Guarding a Property against Vandalism

July 28, 2018

Tips for Guarding a Property against Vandalism - renters insurance

Vandalism is one of America’s most common crimes on households. About 15% of residents fall victim to this security violation on a yearly basis. Vandalism prevention should be on your priority list so that you do not end up in inconveniences and counting losses. Luckily, you can get a renters insurance policy to compensate your […]

Tips for Fire Prevention

July 25, 2018

Tips for Fire Prevention - fire insurance

Property fires should be avoided and managed to reduce losses. To achieve this, you should familiarize yourself and people around you with fire hazards. Fire insurance for property and Safety measures to keep a property fire-proof is greatly recommended. Below are fire prevention tips Install Smoke Alarms Fires can occur at night when you are […]

Solutions to Home Flooding

July 22, 2018

Solutions to Home Flooding - Flooding Insurance

In the United States, floods are reported to be the most common natural disasters. Floods are expensive to manage, as they come along with risks of soaked walls, furniture, and carpeting. They also can ruin electronics, lighting systems, and appliances thus. Shortly after this, mold follows To avoid floods and Its consequences You need to […]

Overseas Travel Safety Tips

July 19, 2018

Overseas Travel Safety Tips - Overseas Travel Insurance

As much as international traveling is fun, failing to consider safety precautions can bring along unbearable consequences. Some unforeseen hazards like airport attacks, lost baggage, flight delays and so on can set nerves on the edge. You thus should get a travel insurance regardless of whether you are embarking on an overseas travel for work, […]

Importance of Crop Insurance and Its Advantages

July 16, 2018

Importance of Crop Insurance and Its Advantages

70% of the global land is put to agricultural use, forestry and rang land. In Africa for example, agriculture is the source of 70 percent of full time employment, 33 percent of the gross domestic product and 40% of total export earnings. 78 calamities were experienced between the year 2003 and 2013 cause by various […]

How to Reduce Water Damage on Condos

July 13, 2018

How to Reduce Water Damage on Condos - condo insurance

Condominiums are prone to damages resulting from burst pipes, HVAC malfunctions, and appliance leaks. Of all these, water is the leading cause of condo damage and carries more than 70% of condo damage claims. Although some conditions such as water backups from a building’s rooftop pool and toilet overflow from leaks by units above the […]

Everything You Need To Know About RV Insurance

July 10, 2018

Everything You Need To Know About RV Insurance - RVs Insurance

Fully named recreational vehicles, RVs is the collective term used for different types of motorhomes. They include bus conversions and camper vans. RVs come in different classifications including Class A, B and C. They type of insurance you get for your RV will be contingent upon its class. Other factors that depend the kind of […]

Common Vehicle Insurance Myths

July 07, 2018

Common Vehicle Insurance Myths

We are all subjected to false information and myths on how things work at one point in our lives. One con about myths is that they can lead someone into misguided and regrettable auto insurance liability decisions. Over the years, a number of car insurance myths have been developed. This article seeks to debunk all […]

Common Causes of Car Accidents and Prevention Tips

July 04, 2018

Common Causes of Car Accidents and Prevention Tips - cheap car insurance

Car accidents bring along many unwanted consequences such as vehicle damages, injuries, loss of earnings, and so on. The risk of car accidents in on roads is quite high. It is thus imperative for each car owner to find a cheap car insurance for covering losses. Below are common causes of car accidents and solutions […]

Art Insurance

July 01, 2018

Art Insurance

We protect the things that we value in life like your health, home or car. Similarly art is an investment that should be insured from the risk of loss or damage. For art enthusiasts art insurance is quite necessary as collections can be very expensive. Insurance providers send art appraisers when determining the appropriate policy. […]