Tips for Fire Prevention

July 25, 2018


Property fires should be avoided and managed to reduce losses. To achieve this, you should familiarize yourself and people around you with fire hazards. Fire insurance for property and Safety measures to keep a property fire-proof is greatly recommended.

Below are fire prevention tips

Install Smoke Alarms

Fires can occur at night when you are sleeping and spread quickly overcoming other people with fumes. A smoke alarm will warn you early and save lives.

Smoke alarms work best when placed ion every houses’ floor, in every bedroom, in the kitchen, and close to doorways and stairways.

Purchase Fire Extinguishers

You can have at least one fire extinguisher in every room of your house with high fire-spreading risks. You also can place some in the attic and garage.

Make Sure That the Wiring Is Good

Electrical fires are quite dangerous. You should be keen to note frayed wires more so if you have some pets. Pets might chew or urinate on sockets thus exposing you to the danger of electrical fires. Some pests like mice and rats can damage your wiring systems too.

Also, avoid running electrical cords under furniture or rugs as it will obstruct you from noticing frayed cords.

Overloaded electrical sockets are a main cause of fires. Flickering lights and constantly tripping breakers should notify you of an electrical problem. Loose plugs too can bring along sparks that build up the heat.

Take Caution When Cooking

When grilling of frying food, remain in the kitchen until you are done. A minute off the kitchen might make unnoticed fires spread quickly. If you are sleepy or under the influence of alcohol, avoid cooking with an oven, grill, or stove.

While in the kitchen, avoid long flowing sleeves as they can catch fire easily. Keep kids away from the oven or stove.

In case you are cooking with oil, have the pan’s lid. The lid wills suffocate the fire inside before you turn off the oven. Throwing water into the pan might spatter oil and burn you.

Monitor and Maintain Home Appliances

If your clothes’ dryer lint trap is left clogged, it could overheat the appliances and cause fires. Clean it after every load.

You also should watch the house furnace closely and let professionals maintain it regularly.

Keep anything combustible at least 3feet away from a portable space heater. A heater with an automatic shutoff function will prevent fire incidents.

Operate and refuel generators outdoors where there is ventilation.

Warn Kids against Fires

Children can be curious about flames and fires. Teach them to stay away from fires and any other accessories such as lighters, matches, and lit candles. Your child should also not use barbeque grills unless you are supervising him or her. In addition, teach kids an escape route in case of fires.

Responsible Smoking

Smoking is a big fire hazard. Avoid smoking when you are drowsy or when you are in the house, especially close to the bed. If you are in a home where someone uses oxygen, do not smoke as oxygen is extremely explosive and flammable.

Come Up With Escape Plans

Identify at least two routes in the house which you can escape using in case of fires. This will prevent suffocation and fire injuries.

Fire can be controlled by strictly observing the above measures. Unfortunately, the high risk of property destruction by fire is worrying. Getting a fire insurance plan for your house will give you peace of mind and compensate you of all fire-related damages.


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