Theft and Vandalism Insurance

February 07, 2020


Theft insurance on vehicles is fairly common, but for the travel, the home, and personal items, is often overlooked by people until they come home after a long trip or a weekend at the cottage to find expensive articles missing from their home or office. Or, in a simple stop at the grocery store on the way home you may walk outside to your car to find a hole in your window and your laptop missing. It isn’t something people generally like to think about, but these days it is a real risk.

CompareAQuote can help you insure that those articles are covered, and it can even be included right in your home owners policy. There are also other forms of theft that are available in coverage policies that are often over looked like theft while traveling. CompareAQuote can help insure that you are aware of- and understand all of the options for these additional options on policies. Our specialists will go through a checklist with you making sure that you know all your options, and they will also, of course, use our intensive database to get you the very best prices for the additional coverage you want. Call CompareAQuote at the number above to get more information.


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