Finding Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

April 20, 2018


Now that you have finally acquired the motorcycle of your dreams, it is time you became insured. However, before kicking things off and finding online quotes or getting in touch with your insurance agent, you need to understand how your rates are determined by insurance companies.

By having a firm grasp of this knowledge, you will be able to find the best insurance cover for both your bike and yourself while ensuring that you do not overpay.

The first step in finding cheap motorcycle insurance is to understand how the insurance company rates you.


If you have a flashy bike that happens to be a late model, it will cost more than an older or basic motorcycle to insure.


Old is gold and nowhere is this more true than when buying insurance. Just like is the case with car insurance, younger riders pay more insurance rates than older people. The insurance rate is likely to increase even more if you are an inexperienced rider.


Do you live in a shabby neighborhood with high crime rates or an area that has had more than its fair share of car accidents? Then expect to pay higher interest rates. Your rates will be higher than someone in a zip code with less accidents or crime.

Driving History

What does your driving history say about your time on the road? You might be new to riding a motorcycle but any driving offences or accidents you might have had when driving your car will tip the scales against you.

If you have a clean driving history, you will have lower interest rates compared to someone whose driving history is replete with driving offences and accidents.

Job Designation

The to and fro commute from work and home will influence the insurance rates that you pay on your motorcycle. If you keep your motorcycle parked in an area with ongoing construction, you will end up paying higher interest rates. This is because parking your bike next to a construction site greatly increases the chance of your motorcycle getting damaged.

Now that you know what factors play a role in determining the insurance rates you will be expected to pay, below are some recommendations that can help you get a good deal.

Do a lot of Research

Insurance rates are known to vary widely even with the same region.

Reach out to as many insurance companies as you can and ask them to give you a quote. Take a whole day off if you need to.

Secure your bike

We recommend fitting your motorcycle with anti-theft measures such as an alarm and even building a garage for it, if you don’t have one yet. Simple safety measures can convince insurance companies to give you discounts.

Don’t Over Insure

You need to remember that if anything were to happen to your motorcycle, you would only be reimbursed with your motor vehicle’s value.


If you do not use your motorcycle frequently and have a low mileage on it, you are likely to get a better rate.


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