Motorcycle Insurance 101

April 06, 2018


There’s nothing as exhilarating as riding a motorcycle. Whether you use it on the wide open roads or use it to get around town, there’s nothing quite like it.

Just like with a car, a motorcycle needs insurance in order to protect yourself, other passengers and not to mention the bike itself. This article will break down for you everything you need to understand about motorcycle insurance.


A majority of States require that motorcycle owners purchase liability insurance which would be used to pay out for any damages caused by an accident, or any injury caused by others. The minimum amount of liability insurance you should purchase is dictated by your State’s minimum requirement for car insurance.

In Florida, you are required to carry not less than $10,000 in medical benefits which may be derived from your health insurance.

Just in case you get sued for an accident, you should always consider purchasing liability insurance that is beyond your State’s required minimum.

Insurance Coverage Options

Motorcycle insurance has similar coverage options as car insurance. On top of liability insurance and underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, many insurers offer the following options:


This kind of insurance pays out for any damage caused on your motorcycle and subtracts any deductible amount. A deductible refers to the amount of money you select to have deducted from a claim check when purchasing an insurance policy.


This type of insurance pays out in the event your motorcycle gets damaged or stolen by something other than a collision with another vehicle such as animal collisions.

Medical Payments

This insurance policy pays for medical bills that you will incur in the event of an accident for both you and your passenger. Medical payments insurance differs from personal injury protection in that it will not cover lost wages. If you don’t have health insurance or have an insufficient amount, medical payments will be of great use to you.

Personal Injury Protection

This insurance policy will pay for your medical bills regardless who’s at fault. In fact, it pays for the medical bills of your passenger and other pedestrians as well. Even though some States might allow insurers to sell personal injury protection insurance to motorcyclists, this might be restricted in some States because of the clients high rate of accidents.

In addition to the above mentioned options, insurance companies usually have some few other add-on options. These include:

Trip Interruption Coverage – Let’s say that your bike is disabled in a collision away from home, this add-on option will pay for food, transportation, and lodging. The accident should be about 100 miles away from home in order for you to claim this.

Coverage for custom parts, accessories, and equipment – Insurers in most States include custom parts and accessories in the collision and comprehensive insurance. The amount is usually $3,000 though not always. If you think that the saddlebags, chrome accessories and other personal embellishments you have made to your motorcycle are more than $3,000, you can increase your accessory coverage to up to $30,000.


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