Personal Liability Insurance

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There are many types of insurance coverage available to you. Many of them you most likely have never thought of. For instance, you can add Personal Electronic Equipment Insurance to your typical homeowner’s or renter’s policy that goes above and beyond to the point of protecting equipment while it is being installed or repaired or even replacing and repairing the equipment itself. Scheduled Personal Property Insurance is another floater that can be added to your homeowner’s policy that will protect treasured artwork, jewelry, designer handbags, wedding rings, furs or designer clothing. An SPP rider is much broader than a standard homeowner’s policy and will replace items at a much higher rater than is typical if you do not have it. Furthermore, this type of addition to your homeowner’s policy will replace items that are misplaced, lost on vacation, stolen outside of your home, even a wedding ring lost down a drain! Other types of insurance to consider are dog bite insurance is you own a furry friend.

If your dog bites someone you can be liable for considerable legal and medical bills. Again, a typical homeowner’s insurance policy has limits that might leave you “holding the bag” financially. Most typical homeowner’s policies cover damage from natural disasters, but often damage from flood is not a part of that. You can purchase separate insurance to protect against loss from flood. Did you know that it is possible to purchase wedding insurance? When you consider the amount of money that goes into a wedding, it may be prudent to purchase a policy that guards against the failure to perform of any vendor you may hire, damage to your wedding dress or the wedding gifts, even postponement of the affair due to a death of a loved one or some other covered occurrence. The knowledgeable agents at Compare A Quote can assist you in determining all the items and events in your life that need to be protected by insurance. It’s all part of the comprehensive service from Compare A Quote.

Don’t put off making sure you are covered for all of life’s possible mishaps. If you think it may be prudent to protect yourself from something, just ask. If you want to just chat and get ideas, we can do that too. Get started today with your personal, professional, excellent insurance services from Compare A Quote. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page or pick up the phone and call the number listed above today!