Tips for Guarding a Property against Vandalism

July 28, 2018


Vandalism is one of America’s most common crimes on households. About 15% of residents fall victim to this security violation on a yearly basis.

Vandalism prevention should be on your priority list so that you do not end up in inconveniences and counting losses. Luckily, you can get a renters insurance policy to compensate your losses resulting from vandalism on rented property.

Below are tips for protecting your property and the neighborhood.

Get a Secure Gate and a Good Fence

A vandal will consider otherwise if he has to climb through a fence or break a gate. Make sure that you have adequately fenced areas around compound corners and passageways since these are attractive criminal entry points. The gates too should stay locked.

Use Surveillance Cameras

Having a video camera in plain sight is enough to scare away criminals. Even if vandals are brave enough to commit a crime on a surveillance camera monitored property, police can use such video evidence for an investigation.

Light up Your Property

Dark spaces are the easiest targets for most vandals. After your inside is well lit to make people notice that there is someone at home, you should follow by lighting the outside area. Exterior lights play a big role in keeping potential vandals far from a property.

Use Shrubs and Bushes

Not only will trees, shrubs, and bushes enhance your property’s beauty, but also will they curb vandals. Criminals find it hard to pass through greeneries, especially those with pointy leaves, rough bark, and thorns.

Clean up Vandalism Quickly

Criminals deface property with an intention of having it seen. Once you clean up broken glasses and graffiti on your property, you will discourage the criminals from coming back another time. Vandals rarely hit properties a second time especially when they aware that evidence, more so graffiti will not last long.

Say it as you see it

Do not hesitate to report signs or cases of vandalism. A report history helps the police know where they should patrol more frequently. It also helps them to find and arrest vandals more easily.

Install Break-Resistant Glass

Good light fixtures and shatter-resistant windows will make it harder for vandals to do any damages to your property. Most vandals prefer being covered in darkness, and they tend to put off light first. In case the lights are hard to break, they will easily give up.

Support community programs.

Cover Your Windows

Vandals in most cases strive a property when they are comfortable in it. If a vandal is not certain whether everyone is at home or not, his chances of vandalizing a property will be reduced. It is for this reason that you need to have curtains, drapes, blinds and keep your lights on.

Vandalism is a community problem and should be handled by the community at large. Campaign for supporting programs in your community that will keep vandals at bay. Whether this calls for volunteering or donations, it is worth doing.

Insure Your Property

While this will not care away vandals, it will keep you away from carrying the burden of losses resulting from vandalism. Insurance is not limited to property owners. If you are renting or subletting a condominium, studio, loft, duplex, townhome, single home or apartment, a renters insurance will cover you from vandalism risks.

Not only will the above safety measures protect your property, but also will they give you peace of mind. Do all you can to curb vandalism and get renters insurance if the risk of being vandalized is high.


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