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All states require you to carry at least a minimum liability-only car insurance. But what about other coverage? With so many options in car insurance, deciding what coverages are worth it for you al a carte can overwhelm you. Clients have many questions about comprehensive auto insurance. Besides what your state requires as a small. For an older car or unique auto insurance needs. Holding comprehensive car insurance can go avoided. Still, it can be a valuable part of your policy often.

What is Auto insurance?
 Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance in arizona is a contract where, if you pay your premiums, then the insurance company will protect you against accident, theft, or financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. The insurer pays the losses as per your policy; in exchange for your paying a premium.

Auto insurance provides coverage for:

  •       Property– any damage or theft of our car
  •       Liability– legal responsibility towards others for property damage or bodily injuries caused
  •       Medical– Your comprehensive policy will pay for medical expenses like hospitalization, injuries, rehab, or the worst-case funeral expenses.

Most U.S. states mandate basic personal auto insurance, and laws vary. Auto Insurance coverages are individually priced based on a lot of different factors. You can customize based on budget and the customization desired. 

Policies are generally issued for a year, and as long as the premiums are paid, the policy stays in force and in case of an accident, theft, or as stipulated in the policy.

How does it work?
 Auto Insurance service

Auto Insurance

Screech, honk, brake, you are in an accident. You were “at fault,” which means is the primary reason for the accident was you. The other person’s cargoes for repairs, and they go to the hospital for minor injuries. Since you caused the accident, the other party could sue you for medical costs and car repair expenses. Even a minor accident can mean huge repairs and medical amounts. If you have liability insurance, then that burden is shifted to the insurance company.

 Liability insurance on an auto is required in arizona to protect all drivers. Choosing liability-only auto insurance coverage means if you are “at fault,” then your car and your injuries are not covered if you are found at fault or by an “act of God.”

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance cover?
 Auto Insurance service

Auto Insurance service

Medical bills and property damage are covered after a car accident or other damage-causing event. Liability car insurance covers damage to others caused by the policyholder. In contrast, different auto insurance policies cover the policyholder’s expenses, including medical bills and vehicle damage. Typically, car insurance policies do not cover mechanical problems, wear and tear, or maintenance expenses.

Comprehensive auto insurance in arizona covers against “acts of God” on the road. We get many questions asking whether comprehensive insurance covers theft, and yes. It covers all your repairs or replacements against covered events that can include natural disasters, theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects, and more. 

Comprehensive insurance is also often combined with collision insurance, which covers your own car’s damage in an accident (with another vehicle or with an object). 

Comprehensive insurance often also includes liability insurance. Thus total comprehensive coverage will cover:

  • Cost of medical expenses for other party if you are found at-fault
  • Property damage costs for other party if you are found at-fault
  • Theft of car
     Auto Insurance quotes

    Auto Insurance quotes

  • Damage to your car in an auto accident 
  • Damage to your car in a collision with an object
  • Damage to the car caused by “acts of God,” like storms, falling debris, or flooding 

Some comprehensive car insurance policies also cover your medical bills, although they are often covered under health insurance

What is not covered by auto insurance?

 Car Insurance will not Cover

  •  Auto Insurance cost

    Auto Insurance cost

    Normal wear and tear on your car
  • DUI or any intentional damage (baseball bat to your own windshield)
  • Regular maintenance
  • If damages exceed the coverage of your liability amount in your auto insurance policy
  • Belongings stolen from your car

Normally not covered by car insurance:

Parts and equipment customized by are not covered, for example, undercarriage lights, subwoofers, or a third-party sound system. However, you can buy an add-on policy or theft protection from the retailer you bought it from or an insurance company.

Car loan or a lease of your vehicle. If you owe more than the money given by the insurance company for your vehicle, if it is totaled or stolen, the additional money is not covered by your car insurance.

 If you think the blue book value of your car is less than what is owed on the car as a loan, it is a good idea to look into Gap insurance. It is a dollar amount insurance that covers the gap between the value and the loan amount, so you do not owe the amount from your pocket.

Driving Your Car for Uber, Dash, or Lyft

A side hustle at night or weekend as an Uber driver might leave to without insurance in case you are in a crash while you are driving someone as a Uber driver. All ridesharing companies or food delivery companies offer insurance to their drivers. Good idea to look into and see before starting with ridesharing.

Mechanical Breakdowns 

 Auto Insurance buy

Auto Insurance buy

Suppose you experience an engine or transmission failure on the road. In that case, auto insurance in arizona will not cover the cost of fixing it. It is always a good idea to purchase an extended warranty from the car manufacturer to avoid such a large expense.

Do your research before you buy car insurance or renew your coverage. If you are buying a new car, then understand and research what kind of insurance would best fit that vehicle. Read the policy carefully before signing; all policies are not created equal.


Do you need auto insurance?
 all state Auto Insurance

all state Auto Insurance

In the United States, automotive insurance covering liability for injuries and property damage is compulsory in most states, but each state has separate laws for the enforcement of the insurance requirements.

Except for Florida, all states require bodily injury liability. Washington D.C. and all 50 states require property damage liability. About half the states have a requirement for some type of uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance.

There are two states which are an exception and where auto insurance is mandatory Virginia & in arizona. In Virginia, a fee can be paid to the state for an uninsured motor vehicle. In New Hampshire, the vehicle owner can post a cash bond.


How much does auto insurance cost?

The national average cost of car insurance is $1,630 per year, according to NerdWallet’s 2022 rate analysis.

The average car insurance rate, therefore, is approximately $136 per month.

That rate is for someone with a very good driving record and good credit.

The insurance rate for a car can vary significantly based on your driving history and the type and level of coverage you are seeking.

For an “at-fault” wreck driver, the average rate is $2,462

If you are a good driver with poor credit, the average rate goes up to $2792

DUI average rate $3139

These rates are calculated for full coverage car insurance, meaning collision and liability.

Auto Insurance by compareaquote

Auto Insurance by compareaquote

Minimum coverage National Average rates are

A good driver with good credit: $561

At-fault wreck : $862

Poor credit with a good driving record: $973

DUI: $1134

There is a big difference between basic minimum coverage and full coverage of auto insurance in arizona, almost twice as much. Average is just a guideline for you; each car insurance and its owner are unique, so there is no cookie-cutter approach; each policy needs to be customized after all the factors are taken into consideration. Some factors cannot be controlled by the insured or the insurance companies, for example, a high number of car thefts and vandalism in Dorchester, Massachusetts.


What is the difference between liability only and full coverage auto insurance?
Best Auto Insurance

Best Auto Insurance

It takes a lot of effort to find the right auto insurance policy in arizona; it’s crucial to understand the types of coverage available, what you need and what you can afford. The first decision you have to make will be whether you want liability vs. full coverage car insurance. Therefore, liability insurance covers damages you do to others, while complete coverage policies cover both your liability and property damage to your vehicle.

Damage to other vehicles or injuries or death to other people is covered by Liability insurance. Full-coverage policies include liability insurance and additional protection to cover damage to your car.

You are required to have some form of car insurance in most states. Still, these minimum coverage requirements are mostly limited to liability coverage. A comprehensive policy with a collision is never required by state law. A full-coverage policy is always at your discretion, but your lender may require it if you lease or finance your car.

How to purchase auto insurance?
Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive Auto Insurance

It takes only five simple steps to buy auto insurance in arizona:

  1. Speak to a agent and figure out how much coverage you need
  2. Fill out an application
  3. Compare 10 quotes in 10 minutes
  4. Choose the right policy with advice from
  5. Cancel your old policy (if applicable)
Auto Insurance Quotes


The first thought that many people have is. To save on insurance by reducing their limits, coverage, or deductible. For example, suppose you remove collision and comprehensive. Then you better have an emergency fund to replace or repair your car if something happens. However, lowering your liability limits could affect your assets. And future earnings if you are found at fault in a significant accident. Therefore, spending a few bucks now is advisable to avoid a big out-of-pocket payment.

There is always discussion in many online groups. Also, on Twitter, asking how much they pay for auto or any other insurance. Unfortunately, all numbers and policies are not created equal. Even with the same vehicle year and model. Rates can depend on location, driving history, and type of coverage. Some people’s insurance rates can be meager. Because they only carry small liability coverage. Before buying a car, take posted rates as a general guideline when you search online. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples. Your most accurate quote will be if you call And we will guide you to the best rate and coverage for your city and state.

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