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As its name suggests, boat insurance is a type of insurance that protects the owners of a boat. It is similar to car or motorcycle insurance in that it covers the owner from claims relating to the physical damage of their vessel or injuries or unfortunate event of death caused in the operation of that vessel.

The type of boat, coverage being sought, terms of the policy, and the person buying the policy can help determine the cost of the policy.

Boat insurance works the same way as car insurance does. Boat insurance helps protect a boat (or any other watercraft) from risks arising from using the boat. For example, property coverage will help pay for the damage repairs in case of an accident. This coverage helps in both water and land and in case of the boat’s theft. 

Arkansas and Utah, only two states, have boat insurance laws. Only these two states require some type of boat insurance (and for one of these states, only boats with engines of over 50 horsepower). Most states have some laws and insurance requirements for boat ownership. It is advisable to contact the government body or marine authority for specific guidelines in your state.

It is a recreational and hazardous activity; hence offsetting the risk with an insurance policy is a good idea. It is a significant investment, so it should be well protected. In addition lot of marinas and boat storage facilities might require you to have boat insurance for putting the boat in water or storage.

Banks and lenders will require you to have proper protection, and banks will most certainly require boat insurance.

$200 to $500 a year is the average cost of boat insurance. The rule of thumb for an expensive boat or yacht is 1-5% of the boat value. If your boat is worth $100,000, expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $5000. 

Other factors will determine your insurance rates, like the length of the boat, usage, and personal profile. So a small fishing boat, a yacht, or a sailboat will all have varying rates.

Although boat insurance is not a requirement in most states, it is imperative that you get adequate coverage for your boat. It is also necessary to have all the equipment to be a safe boat owner.

A boat requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance, much like your car. Water can cause a lot of damage, and so can mold and stagnant water. 

At first sight, there are two things people love: their child and a boat. It is a prized possession that you have worked hard to acquire. It is something you want to enjoy every in-season for a long time or year-round, depending on where you are. Protecting your vessel should be your top priority. Get the protection, so you do not worry when you ride the waves in your boat, yacht, or sailboat.

Our agents can guide you on your boat insurance requirements and advise you on the right coverage.

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