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mobile home insurance
MobileHome Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance

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Mobile homes have traditionally not been depicted as good places to live, but if you own one, it is your home, and it beats paying rent. Mobile homes have always borne the brunt of nature’s wrath. Therefore, it is essential to have adequate Mobile Home Insurance coverage so your investment is not lost in case of an unfortunate event.

What is Mobile Home Insurance?

small homeMobile home insurance, like homeowners insurance, provides coverage for your home and personal possessions and includes personal liability protection. Mobile home insurance, known as manufactured home or trailer home insurance, offers financial protection in the event that your home is damaged. 

How does Mobile Home Insurance work?
mobile homes

mobile homes

Due to vulnerability to certain weather, such as windstorms, and unique construction, manufactured and mobile homes don’t qualify for traditional homeowners insurance, typically. Therefore you need to look into coverage through mobile home insurance. 

Manufactured, mobile, and modular homes, are all built offsite in factories instead of where the land is or construction sites; they rest on a movable chassis and are always single-level homes. Modular homes are similar to traditional homes and can have multiple stories and a foundation.

The Mobile insurance policy works like a homeowners policy, but due to the uniqueness of the house, the policy norms are different and should be clearly understood while buying the insurance.

What does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?
mobile home quote

mobile home quote

If the property is damaged or destroyed by perils such as theft, fire or windstorms and other perils listed in your policy

Liability exposure on your property – such as someone getting injured or hurt on the property

An example is if something unexpected occurs, like a burglary or a fire, your policy will help pay for your losses and destruction. The policy provides liability coverage in case of accidents on your property, such as a visiting guest getting injured or property damage. There are instances where it might cover accidents that occur off the property.

There are several different coverage types built into a mobile home insurance policy, and it’s important to know what coverage types apply to what damages. 

Dwelling coverage

If your mobile home is damaged by wind, hail, fire, smoke, heavy rainfall, falling objects, burst pipes, the weight of ice and snow, lightning, explosions, or vandalism. This coverage pays to replace or fix your mobile home. Dwelling coverage will pay up to your policy limits. Besides the structure of your mobile home, dwelling coverage for mobile or manufactured homes also covers:

Any Attached structures like garage or barn

Oil and gas drums


Construction or repair materials and supplies used for the mobile home


Wall-to-wall carpeting

Separated structures, such as a fence, from the mobile home

Personal property coverage

Your personal items are damaged or stolen, then this coverage pays out, but there are limits to this coverage, so if you have substantial assets, then you need to buy additional coverage or an umbrella policy.

Liability protection

Property damage or bodily injury caused by your family members or you. On other people is covered by liability protection; it pays for lawyer costs and damages awarded to the injured. Damage caused by your pets is also covered in personal liability. So, if our pets, kids, or even you destroy your neighbors’ rug, then the homeowners’ policy will cover it.

The lawyer cost, court cost, settlement, or payment are all covered up to the limit in your policy. 

Medical payments coverage

 Smaller medical bills are paid by this coverage of people, regardless of fault, accidentally hurt on your property. In most policies, it is maxed out at $5,000; thus, it is used for small medical bills or minor injuries. 

 Other Structures (detached)

 A shed or a barn, structures that are not permanently attached to the main Structures of the mobile home. This coverage has a limit of 10% of your dwelling coverage.

Additional Living Expenses

 If you get displaced from your mobile home after a disaster your insurer covers, this pays for those extra expenses. E.g., hotel, food, and transportation.

What does Mobile Home Insurance not cover?
renters mobile home

renters mobile home

No insurance policy can cover all the perils, and mobile home insurance is no exception, but if the policy and addons are chosen carefully, it can provide you protection.

Damage that is not generally covered in mobile home insurance policies are:

Flooding: Almost all kinds of policies do not cover flooding; if you are in a high-risk area, you can purchase separate flood insurance.

Earthquakes: Most home insurance policies or mobile and manufactured home insurance don’t cover “earth movement. If you are in a high seismic activity zone, then you can get additional coverage for earthquakes.

Wear and tear: Everyday maintenance will not be covered by mobile home insurance,

Insect or animal infestation. Termites, roach infestation, or rodents are not covered by insurance.

If your home is used for some business purpose like a bakery or kitchen or even an office, then you might need commercial insurance to protect you from damages.

Others are:

Water damage from sewers and drain backups





Wet or dry rot





Do you need Mobile Home Insurance?
red painted mobile home

red painted mobile home

By law, Mobile home insurance isn’t required, but lenders, mortgage companies, or banks would require proof of insurance, and if you park in a mobile park, the park would need proof of insurance. 

Before purchasing a mobile or manufactured home, please check the requirement of the park or the lender if they require mobile home insurance. 

New manufactured homes costs an average of $92,600 in the U.S.; therefore, it is a good idea to purchase mobile home insurance to protect your investment. If you do not purchase insurance, then the cost of any damages and liabilities will have to be borne by you, and such an out-of-pocket expense can be very costly. In case of a major weather event like a storm or tornado, the cost to rebuild a home can be as much as a new home. Please consult a CAQ agent to guide you about the advantages of owning mobile home insurance.

How much does Home Insurance cost?
mobile home quotes

mobile home quotes

An study, the average mobile or manufactured home insurance cost is between $300 and $1000 per year. 

A lot of factors go into the cost of insurance to your mobile home, including age, condition of the home, location, credit and claim history, and your coverage and limits. Hence, the cost can be considerably higher than the averages if the factors are not in your favor.

Is Mobile Home insurance the same as Standard Home Insurance?
allstate mobile home

allstate mobile home

The fundamental difference between homeowners insurance and mobile home insurance is the structural differences. Mobile homes or manufactured homes are built offsite in a factory and do not have a solid foundation or construction material of a traditional home. Therefore there is more probability of damage through weather-related events, structural damage due to fire, etc. 

Broken pipes winds all pose a bigger threat to a mobile home, and they are more likely to be targeted for theft. Since the value of a mobile home is a lot lower and has a higher inherent risk, they are put in a different category for insurance.

What's the difference between Modular Home Insurance and Mobile Home Insurance?

palm tree near houses

Modular homes, although assembled like a puzzle in multiple pieces, closely resemble traditional homes. Mobile or manufactured homes are assembled on a chassis in one piece and are often built on a frame. Modular homes owners should get standard home insurance policies instead of mobile home policies.

How to purchase Mobile Home Insurance?

mobile home back viewIf you own a mobile home, you know they pose a unique risk due to the structure; thus, purchasing mobile home insurance is a recommended best practice. It will give you peace of mind that your home is protected even though, by law, it is not required.

If you were to stall a security system and CCTVs, the insurance companies might be inclined to give you a discount.

Also, you can bundle policies for auto, flood, etc., to get additional discounts. Increase your deductible if you are on a tight budget to save more money, but it will increase your out-of-pocket expense in case of a claim.

Now that you are familiar with mobile home insurance, it is time to call us.

mobile home insurance quote


Although mobile or manufactured home insurance is not required by law, for your peace of mind and your family’s protection, it is very necessary to have mobile home insurance. Purchasing mobile home insurance is a tricky business because it is not homeowners insurance. Make sure to speak to an experienced agent to educate you on the difference and get you the right coverage.

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