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Tags and Title

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Tags, Title & Registrations

Did you decide to move to Florida, or do you live in Florida now? While you have many things to think about, you cannot overlook your vehicle’s registration. For this, you will have to deal with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle. Most refer to it as (DMV); in Florida, you can register your vehicle indirectly through a “Tag Agency” or in some Florida Counties directly through the Tax Collector’s office. All of the rules are the same. can assist in connecting to the Tag Agencies or the Tax Collector in Florida. Whether you are looking for a simple driver’s license, registration info, or want to access your driving status, we are here to guide you.

Learn How to Transfer or Register a Car in Florida

Tags and Title

Do you know that your car registration and license plates, referred to as Tags in Florida, are owned by the person or entity that holds the title to the vehicle? The Tags or license plate belong to you. The physical License Plate must be changed every ten years, but you can use it from your old car to a new one on any similar vehicle you own. You will own your “Tag”; it does not have to change when you switch vehicles. So, it’s a great advantage as you can transfer it to any vehicle you own within the same category. This means you cannot use your car, SUV, or truck tag for a motorcycle or boat. Also, you must understand, you cannot use your license plate or Tag for a vehicle that does not belong to you. Therefore, you can hold back your license plate when you sell your car. Also, you can transfer the license plate to your new auto and save $225 (Initial registration fee).

If You Live in Florida, how do I Register my Vehicle and get a License Plate?


Our team will identify your local Tag Agency or local Tax Collector. It is a do-it-yourself project, and most days can take up to 3 or 4 hours to complete the entire process.


If you have not owned a vehicle in Florida or need a new License Plate, you must pay the initial registration fee of $225.00.  If you own a business and your current Tag is registered under the corporate name, you cannot use the same Tag for your personal car.  Although in some cases, additional documents may be required, you must provide the following:

  1. A complete signed Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration (HSMV form 82040).
  2. Proof of your identity; this is required for ALL owners. Please note if you take your married name, you will need your Marriage Certificate.
  3. Proof of insurance in Florida.
  4. Title

We will help you fill in the required details in the form.  You must provide the year, model, type, weight, length, identification number, and vehicle color.  The car license plate number, decal number, and expiration date are also required.

DMV Forms 



Verification of physical inspection of the motor vehicle’s vehicle identification number (VIN), completed on an Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration (HSMV form 82040) or Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification (HSMV form 82042). The VIN must be physically inspected and verified by one of the following:

  1. A Law Enforcement Officer.
  2. A Military Police Officer.
  3. A licensed Florida Dealer.
  4. A county tax collector employee. 


After completing the Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration, Priding Title or Bill of sale, I.D., and proof of Florida Insurance, you will present all documents for your new Title Certificate and registration card. Welcome to Florida; your vehicle is legal.

Renewing a Registration

If you are renewing your registration, that’s simple with the correct information. Florida law provides for renewing your registration for one or two years at a time and can be done three months before the registration expiration date. Except for business ownership of a vehicle, your registrations will florida Tags and Titleexpire on the birth of the first listed owner, so the registration must be done on the day before because it expires at midnight. Renewing your registration is not time-consuming and may not take an in-person visit to the Tax Collectors office or a Tag Agency. You can call or visit your office or go to and follow these steps:

Online Registration Renewals

executive tags and titles

  1. Go to
  2. Click “I Agree” to the Driver Privacy Protection Act Warning
  3. The next page will be “Locate your records.” click “continue.”
  4. Please enter your last name exactly as it appears on your Driver License. 
  5. Please enter your Date of Birth. The date of birth must be the first person on the registration. Click “continue.”
  6. This next step can be tricky; you will enter your street address, but it needs to be exactly as written on your Driver License. If you are off my even one letter, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will reject your application. Click continue. 
  7. A yes or no question will appear, Are you a Florida resident with a Social Security Number?
  8. Answer No and the following screen will request License Plate # or Title #. 
  9. Answer Yes, and the next screen will request your complete Social Security # or the Last 5 digits of your Social Security # and Driver License # or Title # or License #.
  10. The following screen makes sure you are not a robot, so enter the random alphanumeric code provided.
  11. Now, if you have followed every instruction correctly, you get an overview screen. Click continue. 
  12. You are then provided with Important Information about how long it takes to receive your document (7-10 Days) in the mail and inform of the service fee to complete the transaction. (if you need or want it faster, you will need to contact us, go into the Tax Collectors office, or a Tag Agency.
  13. The next screen requests verification of your email. The system will show the current email address; you can add an email or continue. 
  14. You will then confirm or change your address. Continue.
  15. Finally, you have reached what you have come for; you can replace your Driver License or pick from all of the License Plates or tags associated with you. Select the items you want and continue to check out.  
  16. Review the shopping cart and continue to checkout. 
  17. Enter payment information, and you are done.
How Can You Compute Tax, Tag, and Title in Florida?

When you purchase a vehicle in Florida, you must pay tax, tags and title charges to allow your car to be driven on the road. Numerous factors can impact the final amount you pay. However, you can use some simple numbers to compute the amount you are required to pay.

Automobile Tax


Whether you bought a new or used vehicle, you must pay sales tax on the total price.  The base tax rate for all cars is recorded at 6%.  However, as per the Florida Department of Revenue, some Florida counties assess an extra discretionary sales surtax applicable on the initial $5,000 of the vehicle’s purchase price.  The surcharge is list below:



The tag charges in Florida are a bit complex compared to other states.  The initial rate to register a motor vehicle weighing 2500 pounds is less than $20.00.  You might have to pay an additional fee based on the type and weight of the vehicle and its purpose of use.  For instance, the cost of a tag for a standard car can range from $14.50 to $20.00.  However, a truck Tag weighing 2000-3000 pounds starts can be as much as $22.50, while the Heavy Truck starts at $60.75.

Other registration charges associated with the Tag comprise various Florida state statutory charges, registration fees, branch fees, and service fees from the county tax collector or the Tag agency.



When you purchase a new car as a private entity requiring registration in Florida, and you are not the Finance Company, you may expect your cost to start at $80.00 for title charges.  A financed or leased car with a lien on the title will require an additional $4.00 for each lien.  Please be aware that these rates are applicable for private individuals.  Somewhat diverse rates are applicable for companies, non-profit organizations, and for-hire drivers.  Suppose you choose electronic delivery of your title.  In that case, the basic rate for an original title delivered to a private individual is $87 (approximate).

What is the Price of Registering a Vehicle in Florida?


You might be wondering what the cost will be to register a vehicle in Florida.  Hopeful this page will provide you with good information.  Also, you might not want to go through the process yourself; no worries, we help you throughout the process.



This estimate is not reflexive of every vehicle; it only provides an average to transfer a Florida title, not including sales tax.  The price is based on purchasing a new license plate for your standard 2 or 4 door car.  Your cost vary based on the circumstances of your transaction.

Initial registration fee
Florida title transfer
Fast title (in person only)
New license plate
Registration (Based on Size and type)
Total, not including sales tax Tag Fees
Cost Range:
Initial registration fee
Transfer Florida title
80.00 to 100.00
Transfer out-of-state title
165.00 to 196.00
Renew Florida registration
28.00 to 50.00
Florida title transfer
Florida title transfer – leased
Out-of-state title transfer
Out-of-state title transfer – leased
Manufacturer’s Certificate/Statement of Origin
Manufacturer’s Certificate/Statement of Origin
Duplicate Florida title
Duplicate Florida title – leased auto
Duplicate Florida title – leased pickup, motorcycle, etc.
Delinquent fee – if over 30 days from
Fast title – available only in person

Motor vehicle lien fees

Lien add during title transfer
Lien add – existing paper title, no transfer
Lien add – existing electronic title, no transfer
Subsequent lien add – existing paper title
Subsequent lien add – existing electronic title
Registering a Car in Florida for New Resident


If you just moved to Florida and plan to settle permanently, you will have 30 days to register an out-of-state car with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (DHSMV). So, once you are an official resident of Florida and obtained a new Driver License, you will have 10 days to complete the procedure. Being a new resident, you might be looking for help. Hence, our qualified, competent, and customer-friendly team is always available to guide you on every path.

Residency in Florida

You must be wondering what qualifies me as a Florida resident? 

  1. You are formally employed in Florida.
  2. You live in Florida either in a rented, leased, or self-owned residence. 
  3. If your kids are enrolled in Florida’s public schools,
  4. Apply for a homestead Exception 
  5. Suppose you visited Florida and stayed for weeks and months. In that case, you might not be considered an official resident unless you fulfill the requirements above. 

The Welcome to Florida! Mass transportation is not as available out of the largest cities here, so the chances are you own a vehicle in your previous state and want to continue using it in Florida. You must follow the out-of-state registration procedure. Registering a vehicle with or without a lien is a different process for each: 

  • Apply for a driver’s license in Florida 
  • Purchase car insurance policy in Florida 
  • Grab a VIN check and formal odometer filing 
  • Prepare a title certificate.
What is the Procedure of Out-of-State Vehicle?

After that, you are required to visit the Florida county tax collector’s office for the following procedure: 

  • Show your Florida driver’s license. However, if a car has numerous owners under the title, they need to be present for proof of tags and title 
  • You need to show proof of car insurance that is acceptable in Florida. 
  • You need to show your car’s out-of-state title. 

Suppose you don’t have an original physical title because the lienholder is holding it. In that case, you will be required to provide the lienholder’s contact information to the tax collector or Tag agency. After that, the county tax collector will contact the lienholder. They will then send the verification of the title directly to the county tax collector’s office. 

You will be required to obtain your car’s VIN and an authorized odometer reading. This can be done when you visit the tax collector’s office, or you may want to get it done before your visit. However, if you wish to do it before seeing the tax collector’s office, you can have it processed by the local police officer or licensed Florida car merchants. You may also have the car dealers from your former state attest to it via letterhead approval. However, this procedure can be accomplished by the Florida public notary or an active military officer. 

After its done, you will be required to do the following: 

  • You need to present an application form for a Certificate of Title. 
  • You should register your vehicle for one or two years. 
  • Provide the VIN and odometer reading. 
  • Submit payment for the required fee amount that is almost $225. 

Sounds hassle? We are here to help you. Contact us today!

What is the Amount of Tag and Title Services in Florida?


Just like other states, Florida also requires vehicles to be registered in the state. All vehicles need to have a valid tag and title attached. However, if you bought a car from a dealership, all the effort is made for you, and you need to sign your name and title. The procedure is a bit more complex when it is about shifting states or purchasing from a private trader. So, if this is the case, don’t panic; contact us to enjoy a flawless experience. 

Looking to register your car in Florida? Here is what you need to have: 

  • A lawful Florida driver’s license 
  • Finalized Title 
  • Evidence of Car Insurance 
  • Registration Fee and Applicable Tax Charges 
  • Odometer and Mileage Certification 
  • VIN Certification 

However, a few situations might have additional requirements. If you have any queries, contact us!



There are two ways to register a vehicle: online and in person.  If your vehicle is registered for the first time in Florida, the charges are around $225.  The fees also depend on the vehicle type, weight, and registration period (one or two years).  For instance, if your vehicle weighs less than 2500 pounds and is used for private purposes, the registration charges will be $27.6 (one year) and $55.5 (two years).  However, if you are a military member in Florida, you can enjoy some fees waiver (original registration fee).  You will be obliged to provide indemnity details along with basic paperwork.

Still, have questions?  Contact us.



If you wish to transfer a title from a private trader, the cost is quite affordable. However, if you transfer a Florida registered paper title, the price is $77.75. And, when you transfer an out-of-state paper title, the payable amount is $87.75. It would be best to keep in mind the sight restrictions and other factors that are still applicable. Electronic filing is usually cheaper than filing by paper, as it can waive some filing fees. If you want to register a car from out of state, maybe from a private seller, the price is $225. 

You need to keep all the paperwork of the transaction safe. In some situations, you might be required to demonstrate the title of the car. However, in a few cases, obtaining a vehicle title can be complex. There are several ways to play around it while looking for the original title, like obtaining the title bond. 

The title bond is evidence that you are the vehicle owner when the original title is impaired, lost or irrecoverable. In Florida, the title bond’s value is $100 for as higher as $6000. Rates increase by $15 for every thousand dollars in coverage. 

Want to transfer a title in Florida? Contact us. Our team is available to help you!

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