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Compareaquote Inc. requires that consumers be provided this notice prior to ordering consumer reports. Please review the statement provided and if you approve you may continue by providing your consent to the following notice.

Please be aware it is the procedure of to order consumer reports through a third party including credit, motor vehicle, loss information and prior insurance reports. This information will be used to evaluate your application.

If you agree to have the above information including your Credit, MVR, LIS and Prior Insurance reports be obtained and used in our decision to evaluate the application for insurance, please click finish.

Are you sure you want to continue with this process. If so, please confirm for me that you are authorized to initiate this insurance transaction and are authorizing to continue, which includes allowing to obtain third party consumer reports, on behalf of your spouse and other individuals proposed for coverage under the policy. If you as the consumer questions why we are asking for this authorization, or if your answer is no, please call directly to our agents to be provided a live quote at (888) 255-8688.

Warning: Unauthorized access or misuse of data may result in adverse action and/or criminal prosecution.