Overseas Travel Safety Tips

July 19, 2018


As much as international traveling is fun, failing to consider safety precautions can bring along unbearable consequences.

Some unforeseen hazards like airport attacks, lost baggage, flight delays and so on can set nerves on the edge. You thus should get a travel insurance regardless of whether you are embarking on an overseas travel for work, studies, or a vacation. It is also key to plan right and know the risks you are prone to.

The following tips will make your travel safe and fulfilling.


Visit the state department’s website to get crucial information about your destination. In case you are advised by the state department not to go, avoid it.

Connect With the Embassy

Register yourself with the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. The embassy will hence notify you of any threats. You will also find it easy getting help from your country’s embassy in the aftermath of a natural disaster or terrorism.

Go Local

Identify a local source of English language. Use social media sites for monitoring to know what you need to avoid.

In a foreign country, avoid big crowds such as riots, protests, and political gatherings. This will keep you away from dangerous situations.

Get your Kids Ready

You cannot speculate the situations and conditions ahead of you. You thus should train kids on safety measures in case of security breaches. Train your kids to trust their instincts, avoid large crowds and pay attention to the surrounding.

Test the Children

When in the city, give your kid a test on leading you back to your hotel room or house. This will train them where to get back to in case of anything.

Your Phones Should be Well Charged

Have both your phone and those of your kids properly charged all the time. The phones should also have important and emergency numbers with them. Encourage your children to memorize your number too.

Proper Identification Documents and Enough Money

Always ensure that you have identification and local currency money in your wallet all the time. In every child’s pocket, tuck in a hotel card or print some with a home address. Have a credit card with low balance should you need to purchase a plane ticket or get out of that country in case of an emergency.

Take a Photo

Snap a photo of each kid you are going with to a crowded area. The local police will find it easier to find a child whose outfits are similar to those he was with when taking the photo.

Be Skeptical

Think of anything that can go wrong in your destination. Be prepared o ways of overcoming such risks as this will help you stay prepared. If the destination is prone to specific diseases, get vaccinations for you and the kids. Talk to your children about all the plans you have.

Being careful when traveling overseas will keep you from inconveniences. The thought of being prone to unavoidable risks is however scary. To get peace of mind and a convenient travel, you should consider getting a travel insurance.


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