Fire Insurance

February 09, 2020


Fire insurance is most always part of your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, or condo owner/renter or commercial owner/renter insurance policy. But in some cases, like living in the backcountry where the risk of loss to wildfire is high, carrying a supplemental policy for extra protection for you and your family could be advisable. Extra fire insurance can save you from financial disaster and is well worth your consideration. Having witnessed wildfires I know firsthand how devastating they can be.

I worked for a County Supervisor and lived in the backcountry in San Diego County for a number of years. During that time the county experienced several wildfires resulting in loss of property, and, sadly, even loss of life. The heartbreak of loss due to fire is absolutely wrenching, whether it has happened to you directly or to your friends and neighbors. Beyond that, being uninsured against fire is like being hit by a semi-truck or a tsunami. It is heartbreak added to heartbreak. I have personally witnessed families displaced by fire with nowhere to go because they did not have any insurance to help them rebuild, let alone provide alternative housing for them for the year that a typical homeowner or renter policy includes.

On a personal note, I had friends who almost lost their home to the county’s last big wildfire in their community, a fire that actually took the life of a young neighbor of theirs, a tragedy beyond endurance. Because my friend had stayed behind to help other neighbors get out he saw some of his neighbor’s houses burst into flame. He also saw two of the posts that held up an upper deck on his own home burst into flames and he was able to grab a hose and douse it before the entire structure was aflame. He was so lucky, especially because their homeowner’s policy had lapsed for some reason and they were in the process of securing another policy. They were fearful that their home would burn and they would face complete financial loss as a result. They had saved their home from burning and later found out that they actually were already covered when the wildfire struck, but it was horribly uncomfortable to be in that position and experience that fear.

There is no question that homeowners, renters, commercial owners/renters, and condo owners/renters need to carry property insurance policies that include fire coverage. Actually, when property owners receive financial assistance from the federal government following a Presidentially declared disaster, they may be required to purchase homeowner’s/renter’s insurance that ensures coverage for fire. For the best, most affordable property owner/renter insurance policies, consult with the independent insurance brokers at CompareAQuote. Because we are independent brokers, we have access to hundreds of insurance companies offering property insurance. We will be sure to find just the right level of insurance for you at an affordable price. Remember, our emphasis is on quality insurance products at an affordable price.

Fires are among the most destructive things that can happen to us. Insurance is designed to minimize the risk of financial devastation in the event of any kind of accident, including fire. CompareAQuote agents will help you find the right policy to fit your needs and your budget. Take a few moments to simply fill out the attached form or call the number listed below today.


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