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February 09, 2020


When you own a home you need to carry Homeowner’s insurance to protect your home from fire, flood, objects falling on your roof, natural disasters and other covered events. You also need homeowner’s insurance to protect you if someone gets injured while on your property. If you own more than one home you need to protect each of them, especially if you own rental property, which then calls for business insurance as well. Compare A Quote can guide you through the arduous task of making sure that you are protected with the right quality policy that leaves no eventuality uncovered. A simple slip and fall on your property can cost you thousands out of pocket if you are not covered with the right quality and quantity of insurance to protect you against costly legal and medical bills. If fire strikes it is important to be able to move back into your home as soon as possible and to have a place to stay while you are waiting. It is also important to be able to replace the contents of your home that were lost in the fire, such as clothing, furniture, appliances, and other covered items. Flood as a result of a pipe breaking and flooding your basement or your kitchen or laundry room can result in terrible inconvenience for you and your family. Be sure that you are insured so that when a flood occurs you can move out temporarily if necessary and the repairs and clean up are done in a timely and efficient manner. If natural disaster strikes in the form of a tornado or hurricane, again you must be covered so that your home is repaired and you have someplace to go to wait it out. Stories of people who have lost their homes to flood, fire, or natural disasters without insurance abound. Make sure you are never in that position.

I have some friends who were having a bit of difficulty, through no fault of their own, securing homeowner’s insurance when the company they had been with experienced a problem and were unable to maintain coverage for them. Just prior to being approved by their new company disaster struck in the form of a wildfire. This fire took out many of their neighbor’s homes and even set the wooden posts holding an upper deck afire on their own home. Luckily they were able to put out the fire at their home and it was saved. If their home had burned during this lapse in coverage they would have suffered severe financial losses. You don’t ever want to find yourself in this position. They breathed a heavy sigh of relief when their home did not burn, even though later they found out that they were already covered for the eventuality. Compare A Quote will make sure you are never in this position. Call us for all your insurance needs. We will direct you to the right company or companies to insure all of your precious loved ones or physical assets, or anything else you can think of that needs protecting.

Just contact us through this web site or call the number listed above today and let Compare A Quote make sure you are protected against any eventuality with the right quality policy at an affordable price.

Homeowner’s insurance is the insurance you carry for the home that you live in whether it is a house, condo, apartment, or mobile home. This kind of insurance protects you from damage or complete destruction of your home and its contents, whether to fire, theft, vandalism, natural disaster, or other covered event. It also protects you against liability in the event that someone is injured on your property and sues you. It protects against medical and legal liability. Rates vary depending on the value of your residence and the value of your personal property. You can elect to assign a total value to your contents, or, in the event that you own valuable paintings, furs, jewelry, antiques, designer handbags and/or clothing, or any other valuables, you can elect to carry a scheduled personal property (SPP) floater that more adequately covers the true value of your items.

Home Insurance Quotes

When looking for quotes for home insurance it would be helpful to be able to consult with one company to get multiple quotes to compare rather than sitting on the phone for hour after hour speaking to individual agents from individual companies about the policies they offer and the rates they charge. Now it is possible to do just that. So sit back and relax and make that call to Compare A Quote services. It’s as simple as that. Because we are independent brokers, we do not represent any one insurance company but instead we have access to hundreds of different companies offering different types and levels of policies at many different rates. We can bring you multiple quotes based on the quality and cost you desire and you need only make one call!


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