Insurance Optimization

February 09, 2020


CompareAQuote: Technology Working For You

So, how exactly does CompareAQuote do this “optimization”? While other insurance companies tout multiple policy discounts as being some big advantage for you, CompareAQuote takes that concept to a whole new level. At CompareAQuote, we compare multiple discount programs across hundreds of insurance carriers. Because we are not limited to any one insurance company, we can utilize the many different insurance carriers (including the largest ones), and interestingly, the largest carriers often do not have the best deals. Why? We think it is because they are putting millions of dollars into advertising to get you to remember their name, and they need to recuperate that cost from somewhere.

What about quality? Doesn’t this approach cause a decrease in quality? No. It actually improves the quality and it decreases the cost at the same time. How? First of all, just because an insurance company is a big company does not mean that your premiums will be less or that you will be awarded better settlements. On the contrary, they are hoping that you will believe this.. Many executives at these companies believe in name brand recognition and that you will go with them just because you have heard their name in advertising for many years. That doesn’t mean their specific insurance policies are necessarily any better- it simply means that people will call them more often because of name recognition. In our experience, if anything, this actually makes them charge more and give less.

An overall beneficial effect: These larger insurance companies know that there are many new companies coming on the market that are hungry for business, and they also know that there are new technologies evolving to level the playing field and make sure pricing is fair and that insurance companies are held accountable. The net overall result of this is that, in general, insurance prices are coming down.

CompareAQuote takes full advantage of these new technologies, and we put them to work for you. We have proprietary methods that interlink many data systems together to get you the best possible insurance at the best possible price. We also are here to to help you out- that is out business- helping you.Insurance is complicated- and so are it’s policies. We can help you understand what you are purchasing and help you to compare “apples with apples”.

We want to be your insurance partner, and we can help you take advantage of these new times and new technologies. Give us a call at the number above and try us out- you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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