Insurance Research

February 09, 2020


So, what makes CompareAQuote so different from other insurance companies? One of the major differences is research. CompareAQuote has very sophisticated methods for finding the current deals going on in the insurance industry. The word current is not used here accidentally. Actually, trends in insurance costing and various responses from the major carriers is dynamic, so we do constant research on the various facets of insurance writing all over the United States. The costs can be affected by everything from peoples driving habits to new technologies in vehicles to even weather patterns.

Other types of research is done as well. One of these other types of insurance research is the area of business industries. Currently at out offices in Pompano Beach, FL, we are studying the trends, statistical data, and the latest advances in technologies and all of these effects for hundreds of types of businesses in over 40 different major industries.

The afore mentioned research is just preliminary research that we do in an ongoing basis before anyone even calls! We do this type of regular research so that we can be up on the latest trends and know which insurance carriers will be the best for any particular individual or business based on their particular area, industry, and business. Does this seem like a lot of extra work? It should- because it is, but we do this because we want to be NUMBER ONE in the insurance business, and we know that to get and retain customers, we will have to work especially hard to make sure that we are giving the very best value for our customer’s dollars.

When a customer calls in for any type of insurance, their parameters are entered into our national database that we use to compare all of the carriers various options. These results are then further weighted based on the current quality of that insurance company’s service as reported by customers nationwide. This analysis and its “weighting” system includes an analysis of the claims payments on the insurance policies- and how happy the customers are with their coverage after filing their claim. Does the insurance company give their customer’s the “run around”? Are they treated fairly? These are the types of questions that we get answers to. We also get answers to questions about the particular insurance carriers policies- and all of its complex options, advantages, and disadvantages.

Here at CompareAQuote, we do all these things because we want to be the best, and we want your business. We are willing to work hard for your business, and we would like an opportunity to show you, so please call the number above, or fill out one of our quick-forms on this website. A professional will contact you, and we are sure that you will be very pleased with the concise, but detailed answers you will get- just the facts- with no fluff.


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