International Insurance

February 09, 2020


International insurance is insurance coverage that protects you from loss whenever or wherever you travel out of the country. Whether you are traveling internationally for business or for pleasure, you need to be protected from liability and from loss. Some of the features of such a policy would be coverage in the event of cancellations, delays and interruptions in travel, reimbursement for airline change fees, and frequent flyer mile redeposit, 24/7 travel assistance, medical and dental coverage, coverage of personal items purchased when baggage is delayed more than 24 hours, and much more.

Compare International Insurance

The independent brokers at Compare A Quote services do not represent any one company, but have access to hundreds of international insurance companies. We can furnish you with multiple quotes from which to choose your level of coverage. For the right plan to protect you whenever you leave the country for any reason whatsoever, let us do the hard work of compiling the information you need to make the choice that is right for you. As our name suggests, we are committed to finding you as many comparisons as you desire to protect you and your family.

International or Multinational Business Insurance

It’s hard to join the global marketplace without support. Centrally managed insurance policies can be a valuable resource to control risk. As you grow your business you will need to minimize your risk, with consideration for the protection of the health and well being of your employees through an international workers’ compensation policy as well as standard health insurance. Multiple kinds of insurance are available to you as your business expands beyond borders. Compare A Quote makes the perfect partner to assist you in complying with local laws, codes and regulations to keep you informed of the constantly changing world of international business.

International Insurance Coverage

You can even purchase insurance to cover you culturally and environmentally. You can purchase a policy that will provide you with interpreters and/or advisers and cover you in the event of cultural or environmental missteps that could lead to international lawsuits. Business related products include construction, energy, financial institutions, management liability, manufacturing, marine, political risk, property, real estate, security and privacy, technology, trade credit, and more.

International Umbrella Policy

To further protect your business and assets, or even if you are travelling internationally for pleasure or you own a vacation property somewhere in the world, you will want to consider purchasing umbrella insurance. An umbrella policy is an excess liability policy that will kick in if you are exposed to more risk than your standard insurance policies will cover. An umbrella policy is supplemental to your primary insurance policy or policies and it will protect your personal savings and assets from unanticipated losses that exhaust your other coverage. The cost of an umbrella policy is such that it is senseless to be without it. Typically, umbrella coverage will cost anywhere from $100 to $300 annually for each $1,000,000 worth of coverage.

International insurance coverage can be purchased for any and all types of risk, including kidnap and ransom risk. The independent brokers at Compare A Quote will partner with you to obtain quotes from multiple international insurers and help you design the perfect set of policies to protect you and your family or you and your employees and businesses. We will keep you apprised of all local laws, codes and regulations whether you are traveling internationally on business or for pleasure. Take a moment to answer the questions on our quote form (see “GET A QUOTE” on menu), or simply pick up the phone and call the number listed above to begin designing your international insurance portfolio today!


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