Motorhome Insurance

February 10, 2020


A motorhome is a marvelous way to get away on vacation or even take an extended trip across the country. Many retirees purchase motorhomes, sometimes affectionately called “land yachts”, at least the really big ones, to travel all over the country, only coming back to their stationary homes for part of the year. I have cousins who have a beautiful motorhome that they drive from Michigan to either California or Florida each year as the snow begins to fall, only to come back in the spring when everything has thawed out back home. They are avid motorcycle enthusiasts, so they tow a trailer behind their motorhome for their beautiful vintage Harley. They are spending their retirement years having wonderful adventures! Theirs is a big Class A motorhome, but there are wonderful ones that are smaller Class B’s and C’s that are great fun as well. It just depends on what suits you.

Like my cousins, you might tow a trailer behind your motorhome with any and all manner of bikes or dune buggies or snowmobiles, jet skis, ATV’s, or whatever. The list goes on and on. When it comes to insuring your motorhome and any of the things you take with you to ride once you arrive at your destination, you would be wise to reach out to the independent insurance brokers at Compare Quality Insurance. Because we are independent brokers, we have access to hundreds of insurance companies offering many different kinds of motorhome insurance. We will be sure to find just the right level of insurance for your motorhome and all your accessories as well at a price that is just right for you.

Motorhomes are meant to provide hours and hours of fun and adventure. Be sure you are also well protected in the event that you have an accident on or off road by carrying adequate levels of insurance on all of your equipment. Compare Quality Insurance agents will help you find the right policy to fit your needs and your budget. Take a few moments to simply fill out the attached form or call the number below today. Our friendly and professional agents are available to assist you with any type of motorhome and accident insurance.


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