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February 07, 2020


Home and Contents

There are three important aspects to consider when purchasing homeowner’s insurance. Does your policy adequately cover the cost of replacing your home if it is completely destroyed, including relocating you and your family to alternative housing while your own home is rebuilt? Does your policy contain enough liability insurance to limit your exposure should anyone be injured on your property? Are you adequately covered to replace the contents of your home in the event that the contents are destroyed? Beyond these three basic issues, you might also consider whether to broaden your policy and purchase flood and/or earthquake insurance. While most standard homeowner’s policies cover your home for damage from natural disasters, it is rare for them to cover earthquake and/or flood damage.

If you feel you may lose your home to either of these events, you should consider adding a separate policy to protect yourself against the financial loss of your home and contents. For instance, if you live on the west coast you might consider earthquake insurance. You also might consider earthquake insurance if you live anywhere near the fracking that is taking place in Oklahoma. If you live in an area that sees flooding from time to time you might consider indemnifying yourself against this type of loss. Climate change is causing all sorts of havoc with things like floods and wildfires and earthquakes. In many ways it is difficult to know just what to do when purchasing insurance. But the excellent and knowledgeable agents at Compare Insurance Quality can certainly help you ponder your options!

Homeowner’s Insurance Quotes

Don’t wade through all the issues involved in securing homeowner’s insurance quotes by yourself. Instead put your trust in the independent brokers at Compare Insurance Quality services for the best quotes representing the highest quality, most affordable rates, with the greatest number of insurance companies available. Your first best choice is to consult with the professionals at Compare Insurance Quality. We have access to hundreds of insurance companies and the ability to compare the features and the rates of all these companies and furnish you with multiple quotes to examine. We will guide through the initial process of determining the correct level of coverage for your home in order to then go out and bring you the quotes that will best fit your needs. All you need do is make one call to Compare Insurance Quality services and leave the rest to us.


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