Public Event Insurance

February 10, 2020


With premiums starting under $100, special event liability insurance provides you with protection in any situation where you, the event holder, concessionaire, exhibitor, or vender must defend against a lawsuit or pay damages to a third party for injury or property damage. If liquor is served, you will want to be sure that host liquor liability coverage is included. Some venues require that you carry liability that will cover them in the event of an accident as well. This can be done with a separate endorsement. In short, whatever you might need to protect your event, large or small, can be obtained with little difficulty at no great expense. Unless of course, you are putting on a concert, then you will need a whole other level of insurance!

Sport and Other Specialized event insurance

Insurance for youth and adult amateur sporting events, camps, tournaments, and other special events is available through specialized insurance companies. There is no limit to the type of event you can insure, from soccer, baseball, hockey, band, dance, archery, swimming, skating, and tennis to sports camps, non-sports day camps and more. If you think you need insurance for your activity, call a broker from CompareAQuote to help you find the right companies, secure multiple quotes, and help you include the things you need and exclude the things you don’t need.

Wedding Insurance

You can insure your wedding against loss and liability as well. Many venues now require wedding insurance to protect against loss in the event that one of your guests is injured or causes property damage at your wedding. Since a wedding is often a big affair with caterers and musicians and seamstresses, tuxedo rentals, venue rental and on and on, you can purchase a policy to protect your investment if a vendor does not perform, or your seamstress ruins your dress, or any rental equipment or clothing is damaged or destroyed. Cancellation insurance reimburses you for lost deposits and non-refundable amounts if you have to cancel or postpone your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, such as vendor bankruptcy or no-shows, extreme weather, military deployment, a death in the family, or any number of incidents.

For all your insurance needs, but especially event insurance, place your trust in the independent professionals at CompareAQuote. Your protection and peace of mind is paramount and you deserve only the best people to help you. Take a few moments to fill out the attached form or simply call the number below for the best insurance specialists available here at CompareAQuote. We stay vigilant so you don’t have to.


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