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February 09, 2020


Vacation Insurance

Weekend trips happen all year long when you have a busy family that loves to get away to the desert or the seaside, or a lake. But when you leave for a longer period of time, on a real vacation, you can purchase a policy that will add extra protection for your family called vacation insurance. Typically these plans offer emergency medical and dental care wherever you are, including emergency medical transport if necessary. They also offer roadside and repair assistance for your motorhome and/or trailer and off-road vehicles. This is especially important if you are going to engage in any kind of sports while on vacation such as dirt biking, riding quads, ATV’s or go-carts and dune buggies, snowmobiles, jet skis, water skis, snow skis, and on and on. It can be quite overwhelming figuring out all the ins and outs of vacation insurance, so just let CompareAQuote agents assist you in finding the right package for you and your family.

Every vacation is unique. Whether you are sailing on a chartered yacht off the Italian seacoast, or strolling the beautiful beaches of Australia, travel insurance can help put your mind at ease. Vacation is a time to get away from your daily routine, relax, and rejuvenate. No matter where your travels, may take you, vacation travel insurance can help ensure that the investment you’ve made will be protected with benefits that include, reimbursement in the event of cancellations, delays and interruptions, reimbursement for airline change fees, and frequent flyer mile redeposit, 24/7 travel assistance, medical and dental coverage, coverage of personal items purchased when baggage is delayed more than 24 hours, and much more.

Cruise Travel Insurance

If you are taking a cruise you may think that because it is a closed environment, everything will go smoothly and everything will be taken care of. But what if you get sick the day before the departure of your dream cruise, so sick you absolutely cannot go, or suppose you get injured or lose your job after you book that cruise? How do you get back the nonrefundable cost of that cruise? A vacation travel insurance policy’s cancellation coverage will reimburse you. Ships’ doctors are not equipped to handle serious medical crises. If you suffer a serious covered health crisis while cruising, evacuation coverage can pay to transport you to the nearest medical appropriate medical facility. Suppose you miss a flight connection and the ship leaves without you? Your travel insurance policy can help you make new travel arrangements to catch up with your cruise ship and may even reimburse you for those additional expenses. Your coverage can even extend to reimbursement of any part of the cruise you miss if you need to return home early. The independent agents at Compare A Quote services will help you find the right travel policy to cover these eventualities and more. When you book your cruise and make this substantial investment, insure it like you would insure any other asset.

Vacation travel insurance is available for most anything that can and might go wrong on any sort of vacation. Be sure to protect your vacation like you protect all of your assets. Compare A Quote agents will help you find the right travel insurance to fit your needs and your budget. Simply take a few moments to fill out the attached form or call the number listed above today!

Some other travel insurance features

If you charter a sailboat anywhere in the world, or, if you sail your own boat anywhere in the world, say, through the islands in the South Pacific you can purchase evacuation insurance that will cover you in the event that you fall ill and need to be flown by helicopter to the nearest qualified medical center. If you are traveling to a part of the world where kidnapping of tourists often take place – and really that could be anywhere anymore – you can purchase kidnap insurance that will cover the employment of a professional negotiator and pay the ransom. Kidnap and ransom insurance coverage levels vary, of course. This is especially important if you are a prominent and/or wealthy person.

Business Travel Insurance

With all of the things going on in the world these days, it does not hurt to pay a little extra money for business travel insurance. Especially if you travel a lot, the range of things that can happen from simple laptop theft to kidnap and ransom is unintuitive, and many people we talk to call for insurance after an incident has occurred. In fact, theft alone is so great that in a survey conducted by our group approximately 50% of business travelers reported some kind of theft or fraud when traveling abroad in the past 5 years. If that is not enough, some countries are dangerous for American travelers to even go to because of kidnap and ransom problems. Here at CompareAQuote we include helpful services with our insurance policies including country watch lists and updates on eminent threats for American travelers going to certain countries.

Compare Travel Insurance

The independent brokers at Compare A Quote services do not represent any one company, but have access to hundreds of vacation traveler’s and business traveler’s insurance companies. We can furnish you with multiple quotes from which to choose, and help you sort out the complex advantages and disadvantages of the various policies. For the right plan to protect your vacation travels, let us do the hard work of compiling the information you need to make the choice that is right for you. As our name suggests, we are committed to finding you as many comparisons of quality vacation travel insurance as you desire to protect you and your family.


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