Type of Insurance

February 07, 2020


The different types of insurance are virtually endless, just as the different kinds of insurance companies are also endless. For anything you need to insure and protect CompareAQuote can make comparisons among upwards of 200 different companies and find the perfect company or combination of companies to protect all of your valuables. Do not fail to insure the things that would be hard to replace, the things that would cause you great financial disaster if they were gone, or the things that are precious to you like paintings and jewelry and family heirlooms. Boats, recreational vehicles, tractors, riding lawnmowers, shop equipment, all-terrain vehicles, cars and trucks, trailers of any kind, all these things and more need to be protected so that you do not lose the use of them or so that they can be replaced in the event that you do. If you go on vacation it can be wise to purchase vacation insurance including health insurance that will cover you in a foreign country as well as insurance to bring you back to the U.S. if need be. You can purchase insurance that will send a helicopter to your boat in the open ocean to bring you back to land for a medical emergency or injury. If it is precious to you, if something can go wrong and threaten your life or the lives of your loved ones, then you can insure against it. The trick is to find the right company at the right price with the right quality insurance policy. CompareAQuote is here to help you navigate the myriad companies and quality and cost and types of insurance to be had out there.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an indispensable type of policy to have if you have lots of assets. For instance if you have undeveloped land somewhere, especially several acres, an umbrella policy can protect not just that land from anything that might occur there, but also you other assets that might be attached because of something that could happen on that large undeveloped parcel. Umbrella insurance is just like it sounds, it holds an umbrella over all of your assets and your family to protect you across the board in the event of mishap or accident, injury, or natural disaster, or other covered event involving any of your assets or loved ones. CompareAQuote can help you find the right umbrella policy at the right price and also the right amount of umbrella coverage for you and your family. Generally a quality umbrella policy will run you anywhere from $200 to $300 per one million dollars annually. At that price it doesn’t make sense not to have this type of policy to protect and hold an umbrella over your whole world!

Gap Insurance

You can even purchase gap insurance if for any reason one policy that covers you for auto, homeowner’s health, marine (boat), or any other kind of protection of an asset should expire or if perhaps the company you are insured with has difficulties, to give you the time to look around for another company to replace the one you lost. CompareAQuote can compare quality and cost and find you the best deal to close the gap until you are fully insured once more.

We are CompareAQuote. We are here to share our expertise and our knowledge and association with hundreds of insurance companies to fine you the best possible coverage for all your insurance needs. Contact us through this web site or call the number below today and put CompareAQuote to work for you!

Insurance services

Which insurance services are the most important? CompareAQuote offers all services related to your insurance needs and more. Call us now for help getting the right policy for you. Our agents have access to hundreds of different insurance companies offering many different types of insurance. They are knowledgeable and experienced and ready to serve you in whatever capacity you need. Save yourself time and money by making one call for all your insurance requirements. There are no insurance services that we do not offer. Whether it is securing quotes, locking down policies at particular prices with certain features, adding or subtracting people or items from your policy or policies, or hundreds of other services, simple or complicated, CompareAQuote does it all. Let us do it all for you so you don’t have to!


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