5 Things You Need To Know Regarding Wedding Insurance

June 25, 2018


Ideally, all weddings should live up to our expectations. After all, a wedding day is something most people dream of from when they are young. The last thing anyone wants to think of is that a disaster might happen during their wedding. Unfortunately, disasters do happen, from stolen gifts and damaged wedding gowns, there is 5 things you need to know regarding wedding insurance and things that could go wrong.

This is why you should seriously consider taking a wedding insurance.

What Is Wedding Insurance?

A wedding cover is designed to protect the couple from events that are beyond their control that have the potential to cause financial loss. Imagine, for a second, your limo driver failing to pick you up on the morning of your wedding, leading you to book another one on short notice meaning it will be more expensive.

Another scenario is the bridegroom’s tuxedo getting lost in airport baggage and having to get another one on short notice. These are the types of circumstances that necessitate a wedding cover.

Cost of Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance covers come at different prices. A basic policy will cost anywhere between $150 and $550. At that price the wedding policy covers loss of presents, attire, videos, and photos. If you would rather go for general liability which covers losses of up to $1,000,000, the premium is around $180.

Do You Really Need Wedding Insurance?

Before purchasing an insurance cover you need to check with all of your vendors to find out whether they are already insured. This way you can avoid a situation where you have overlapping coverage. It is recommended that you ask your vendors for a copy of their insurance policy as it will help you determine what you need to get a cover for.

When Is The Best Time To Get A Wedding Cover?

We recommend getting an insurance policy as soon as possible. Usually some things need to be sorted out a whole year before the wedding date, for instance, booking of the wedding venue. However, say the venue burned down a couple of weeks to the wedding, you can be sure that you will get your deposit back.

You need to be aware however, that some carriers have restrictions on how early you can purchase wedding insurance.

What’s Covered in a Wedding Insurance Policy?


You need to ensure that the site of the ceremony is already insured. In the event that the owners have not insured the site, rest assured that wedding insurance will cover any costs you might incur due to unavoidable cancellation such as the inaccessibility or damage of the site.


Sometimes an important family member may not make it to the wedding on time due to bad weather conditions. For instance, the father of the bride. Wedding insurance covers any costs you might incur while rescheduling the wedding including the tent rental, ceremony flowers, and reception food.

Other issues that are covered in a wedding insurance cover include:

  • Vendor no-show
  • Sickness/Injury
  • Job

For more information contact a Compare A Quote insurance agent.


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